FAQ Jeep Gladiator

  • Does this work with the trail-rail system in the Jeep Gladiator? A: Yes it does, you can install it by using our channel nuts that will slide inside your rail allowing you to bolt the brackets directly into it.
  • Does this offer cabin clearance for my Jeep Gladiator? A: The Shiprock Bed Rack System offer cabin clearance for your Jeep Gladiator with hard top only, Jeep Gladiators with soft top will not have cabin clearance, the Shiprock Mid Rack System does not provide cabin clearance for either model (12.5")
  • Is your product compatible with a tonneau cover? A: Yes! Our system is compatible with selected tonneau covers. Please refer to our Cover Compatibility List
  • Can I install a RTT? A: Yes, by adding the 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS you can actually adjust the distance between both bars to match the rails of any Roof Top Tent in the market and you will be able to bolt it directly into our 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS with the factory clamps that come with the RTT.
  • How much does this weight?
  • - If you add the 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS, it will add 28 LBS for each pair.
    • What is the weight capacity? A: Rated Capacity Evenly Distributed (Static) 800 Lbs. / Dynamic Capacity 300 Lbs