FAQ Honda Ridgeline 2017+

  • What is the Honda Ridgeline Installation Kit? A: 
You will need an installation kit that consists of two unistrut channels for each side of the bed that will be attached to your bed with the existing 3 bolts on each side of the bed that your Honda Ridgeline already has manufactured inn these unistrut channels will be used to attach our bases. 

These are the direct links to the parts that you will need to install:
- 4ft Strut Channel
- Quantity: 2
- Link: Zoro.com (Product Listing)
  • Does this offer cabin clearance for my Honda Ridgeline? A: The Shiprock Bed Rack System offers cabin clearance for your Honda Ridgeline the Shiprock Mid Rack System does not (12.5")
  • Does it work with a tonneau cover? A: Even though our system works great with tonneau covers across all vehicle models, the Honda Ridgeline is a different case, the bed is very specific making it hard to combine a bed rack and a cover without making modifications, however, many customers have been able to make it work in the past, email us or use the chat to learn more. 
  • Can I install a RTT? A: Yes, by adding the 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS you can actually adjust the distance between both bars to match the rails of any Roof Top Tent in the market and you will be able to bolt it directly into our 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS with the factory clamps that come with the RTT.
  • What is the weight capacity? A: Rated Capacity Evenly Distributed (Static) 800 Lbs. / Dynamic Capacity 300 Lbs.
  • How much does the products weigh? 


    - If you add the 4CX ROOF/SIDE BARS, it will add 28 LBS for each pair.